Welcome to the Merry Christmas Tree Farm

Where Family Traditions Are Made

     Here at the Merry Christmas Tree Farm we grow and offer to the public real Christmas trees to "Choose and Cut". The majority of our 5,000 trees are Scotch Pine, but we also have some Colorado Blue Spruce ready to harvest. Our trees are fairly tall and can no longed be sheared. If you are looking for that perfectly shaped Christmas tree, you won’t find it here. But if you want a fun, family experience of hunting through the ‘forest’ for a fresh tree, this may just be the place. Additionally, we offer Douglas Fir wreaths*. We have plenty of saws you can use and ample parking, too.

     A real Christmas tree offers many benefits. They are fresh and aromatic, safe, easy to care for, environmentally sound and totally recyclable. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the joyful experience of spending an outing at a farm choosing a tree that will be the cornerstone of family traditions.  To see how other folks celebrate Christmas, click on the following link - “Christmas Traditions Around the World.”  For some tasty Christmas recipes, check out - “Christmas Recipes Made EASY.”

Hours of Operation for 2015

The Merry Christmas Tree Farm will be closed this year

Price List
      Scotch Pine                  $30 per tree            8 to 14 feet
      Blue Spruce                 $50 per tree            5 to 7 feet

 Wreaths *

      Medium                        $25.00                    24 inches

* Pending availability
(Cash and checks only)
     Be sure to dress for the weather. Generally, it's sunny and crisp during the holiday season, but it's always a good idea to bring along a warm coat, gloves, boots and a hat. You can check out the weather forecast by clicking on the weather icon at the bottom of this page. There are no public restrooms here.
For more information, contact us at (719) 481-4946
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