Students prefer online education

With diverse economy, many downturns have been observed in the campus based schools. The reason behind this is that Budget has been tightened and funds have been significantly reduced. It is also observed that tuition fees have also been risen up by campus based schools. In 2017, Alabama legislature has reduced $131 million from state fund. It means that nearly 2% of the funds have been reduced whereas the tuition fees of the campus based universities and colleges have increased by 21.8%.

Students prefer online education

The result is that most of the students in Alabama prefer to take online education. There are countless benefits of choosing online education. Online education is affordable. Top online schools institutions provide competitive tuition and offers expanded degree options. There is no need to live near campus. You can work full time and also earn a degree for yourself too. Through online education an individual can earn high school degree, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

Accredited online schools in Alabama are as following:


University of phoenix is one of the prestigious online educational institutions. It offers B.S in accounting, B.S in business administration and many other degree programs.


They are pioneer and enjoying leading position in imparting technical education to students. Many graduates of ITT technical institute have played a n eminent role in the development of Alabama economy. All their degree programs are developed with an objective to teach the students the efficient use of cutting edge technology. They offer various degree and certificates too.


It is one of the oldest universities. It has introduced many of the innovations which are nowadays commonly use and adopted by online education system. It is offering high quality education to its students. It is offering various degree and diploma programs. It is also offering various online accredited degree programs that are highly demand by employers.


South university has existed over 100 years. Now they have started their online education system too. They have started Alabama orientated educational programs. These programs are specially designed keeping in view the need of the employers in Alabama.


It is also one of the most renowned online universities. This university is offering various degree programs. The graduates of this university are earning high salaries. They are enjoying leading roles in their respective working areas.
Above mentioned are some of the accredited online education colleges in Alabama.